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About Us

Our Mission

" Empowers gamers to have a healthier gaming lifestyle, by increasing their reflexes, endurance and longevity for enhanced gaming and healthier living. "

This is achieved by providing comprehensive information on all aspects of gaming health, from posture to nutrition, eye health to combining life achievements to gaming and much more. This is for Gamers and Parents with Gamer children.

Take Action

  • Join us in the Vitality Challenge and create vitality in your life

  • Eat and drink healthily to increase the demand for healthy foods

  • Become healthy and reduce future health costs

  • Give yourself the gaming life you deserve

You can do all this by Joining "Vitality for Gamers" and choosing a "Vitality Challenge", committing to the challenge.

Take action, even if it is walking to the shops instead of driving...

"Ethanol that is being used to fuel our cars is created from Food, and while you drive and eat there is someone in the world walking and starving."

Taking on a Vitality Challenge is the first step in creating vitality in your life, and making a difference.

Obesity Facts

Not all Gamers are obese, yet there are many that are and obesity is one of the most common and v exing health problems prevalent in the world today.

World Health Organisation: "Obesity kills more people than starvation in our world."

In 1980's, there was a push to "Feed the World" and all we did was stuff ourselves with food since then, leaving millions starving. Although, millions starve every day, obesity kills more people than starvation in our world. Complications and diseases from being overweight and unhealthy is also one of the largest costs in health care today.

World Health Organisation: "Worldwide obesity has more than doubled since 1980."

Everyone seems to know what to do, but most people do not take action. With the emergence of more convenient and cheap unhealthy food, countries populace of overweight and unhealthy people are increasing with Gamers making up a large proportion of this.

This is a Global tragedy and may seem like an impossible mission to change, although there is something you can do, Make a Change, Start with yourself!

Create and Give Vitality

We are dedicated to Creating Vitality for Computer Gamers, and as we do this to also give Vitality to those in need.

Clean Water
Gave 60,000 people access to clean water for a day

Gave 6,000 people medical support for one day

Meal for a Child
Gave 180 people a nourishing meal

Support Us

There are several ways you can Support Us:

Giving Vitality Impact

As we assist Gamers to create Vitality, we Give Vitality to those in need.
Clean Water
Gave 60,000 people access to clean water for a day

Gave 6,000 people medical support for one day

Meal for a Child
Gave 180 people a nourishing meal

Our Mission


Multicultural Business and Community Awards 2012

The information and advice presented on the website are meant as a guide to assist the user in adopting healthier habits for a Healthier Gaming Lifestyle or other health achievements. Please, apply these well-known principles in a safe manner. The reader bears all responsibility for using or applying any techniques or ideas outlined in the website. Consult with your physician before starting any health or exercise programs.