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Healthy Gamer Lifestyle: Be your Game Avatar in Life

Create a Healthier Gamer Lifestyle

Are you gaming with low energy... always needing a 'pick me up' with energy drinks, wake up wrecked, sore back, eyes and hands from over use, or other issues due to extended gaming sessions? Then you need to read the "Healthy Gamer Lifestyle: Be your Game Avatar in Life". This book goes into detail on how to create a solid base of energy, prevent issues from extended gaming sessions, creating a mind-set for success and is just awesome for any Gamer wanting to create a Healthy Gaming Lifestyle.

Contains: Healthy Quick Guides

  • 1 Page about the Author (30+ Years Gaming)
  • 1 Page about Vitality For Gamers
  • 70 pages of Healthy Gamer Lifestyle...
  • 7 Awesome Healthy Gamer Quick Guides

The book has now been released on:

Have Healthy Snacks When Gaming

Have Healthy Snacks
when Gaming

Keep Yourself Hydrated When Gaming

Keep Yourself Hydrated
when Gaming

Healthy Food For Solid Energy Reserves

Eat Healthy Food For
Solid Energy Reserves

About the Author

After establishing a career in the gaming industry, Lionel Thomas found his health suffering as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and high calorie consumption. A weight-related injury forced him to take his health by charge, and saw him losing a tremendous amount of weight over the space of months. After helping thousands of fellow gamers take charge of their health via his site Vitality for Gamers, Lionel has written a book that will cover everything; from food and fitness, to breathing and relaxation.

Over the last 12 years, Lionel Thomas has been able to achieve what is every gamer's dream: a flourishing career in the gaming industry. After starting out as a games programmer, he was able to become a producer creating Xbox and PC titles, all while spending 60 additional hours a week gaming. Lionel's lifestyle soon led to massive weight gain, and it was not long before he began suffering the inevitable side effects. He soon found himself feeling tired, and suffered from back problems. Despite this, he openly admits that if "he could have been hooked up to a computer and played games 24/7..." he would. It wasn't until he sustained a muscle injury and met his sweetheart that he decided enough was enough, and began working towards losing weight and enhancing his way of life.

With somewhat basic efforts, Lionel found that he was able to lose 11 pounds (5kgs) in the space of a month. This astounding weight loss motivated him to continue with his efforts, and after eight months he lost 44lbs (20kgs). Not only did this have an amazing effect on Lionel's appearance, it also helped him feel more energized, allowing him to enjoy his favorite past time more: gaming.

Lindy and Lionel
"Be your Game Avatar in Life."

Lionel has since established a website that features tips for gamers who want to keep gaming, but do not want to sacrifice their health. After finding success with his site, Lionel was able to write a book in order to make finding better health easier for gamers around the world. The book, "Vitality for Gamers", features everything any game player needs to know in order to ensure they lose weight, get healthy, and stay that way. The dietary section does not just feature basic nutritional tips, it focuses on meals and snacks that are central to gamer health. Such tips are ideal for those who play a little, or a lot, and can be used to sustain all night gaming sessions.

Second to any health plan comes exercise. As any gamer will know, making the move from a sedentary lifestyle to one that is more energetic can be challenging to say the least. By making the most of Lionel's tips, fitness becomes easier, and can be tailored to your gaming timetable. For further vitality, relaxation and breathing techniques are examined and highlighted; by doing this, Lionel helps gamers to battle well-known gaming side-effects, like Gamer rage!

Healthy Gamer Lifestyle

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