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Gaming Time Sinkhole

Gamer Rage Reduction Time is one of your most valuable resources and Gaming is a major time sinkhole.

We know gaming takes our time, yet how much is a good question; take the time to record how much time you spend Gaming for a week so you can see the impact.

Years ago when I did this it was 60 hours in one week, this was on top of a 40 hour full-time job; so my sedentary lifestyle was spending approx. 100 hours on a computer a week. Yes, it is possible; I was fuelled on energy drinks, greasy foods and grinding to the next level.

So, what is one of the main ways I changed?
Hobbies… Basically, spreading out my time over other activities I put off, you know those big projects you would need to work on for a while till you achieved something, grinding in the real world.

Vitality For Gamers website was one such hobby I started, and as I became healthier I continued to develop it.

To do:

  • Record the number of hours you Game (Date, Time Started, Time Ended; Then Total Time)
  • Start a hobby outside of Gaming

Are you addicted to Gaming?
If so, check out Gameaholics Anonymous (Video Game Addiction).

Vitality Challenge

Challenge yourself to a better Gaming Life!

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