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Healthy Gamer Tips

Top 12 Healthy Gamer Tips:

  • Pre-Game Nutrition: Have a healthy meal prior to long gaming sessions.

  • Pre-Game Exercise: Exercise, jog or take a walk prior to gaming.

  • Breaks: Take breaks and Relax, stretch, walk around and do eye focus exercises.

  • Time Keeper: Have a clock visible so you do not lose track of time.

  • Water: Drink water to keep your body hydrated.

  • Rage Reduction: Breath, learn to relax and organise your time for when you play games.

  • Spawn/Level Loading Exercises: Do push-ups, crunches, weights or dance while you wait for loading or respawning.

  • Glare reduction: Reduce glare from TV/Monitor by having it away from the sun or other direct light source.

  • Standing Desk: Use standing desk, or ensure you do not sit for long periods.

  • Good Posture: If sitting, make sure your back is supported and you have a body posture.

  • Healthy Snacks: Have healthy options such as "Soaking your Nuts".

  • Level up from being a NOOB: Learn the games environment/dynamics etc... Everyone is a NOOB with a new game, yet not ever player progresses as fast from NOOB status. Learn and create excitement around getter better and most of all:

    "Have a victory Dance!".

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