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Drink Water

Drink Water Water is essential to the health and well-being of your body as it consists of over 60% water. If you are not eating foods with high levels of water and drinking water 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, then your body is not operating to its peak efficiency or effectiveness.


  • Drink water before a meal
  • Consume at least 75% water rich foods
    (Salads, Vegetables and Fruit)
  • Feel hungry between meals, drink water as thirst can mimic hunger

Weight Loss:
Water is one of the key ingredients your body needs to lose weight and keep it off. A decrease in water intake will increase fat deposits, so ensure your eating habits include water rich foods and healthy water consumption; this doesn't include soft drinks, coffee and beer which should all be stopped or at least reduced.

Drink Water
  • Your body consists of over 60% water
  • Water is the 2nd most important substance for you
  • As water is so important ensure the quality is good
  • Hunger can mimic thirst, hungry? have some water first
  • Consume water rich foods
  • Do not over consume water

Benefits for Gamers

Faster Reflexes, Mental Readiness, Endurance
Drink Water Your body's organs need water; having low levels of water in your system will make you sluggish. Drink water to cleanse your system and give your body what it needs to operate efficiently or effectively.

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Vitality Habits

BreakFast: Fruit Only


Fruit Only (Breakfast till Midday)

Healthy Gamer Snacks: Fruit and Nuts

Gamer Snacks

Fruit, Nuts and other healthy options

Lunch/Dinner: Salad or Vegetables


Vegetables and Salad to make up 75% of your meal.



Fat Burning Jog, be active.

Drink Water

Drink Healthy

Water and Fresh Juice

Gamer Posture


Good Gaming Posture.
Yoga, Pilates or a Core Strengthening exercise.



Conscious breathing technique assists with your bodies health.

Eye Sight

Eye Sight

Take care of your Eye Sight.

Healthy Hearing


Take care of your Hearing.



The brain is the control centre of your whole body, "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body".

Vitality Challenge

The information and advice presented on the website are meant as a guide to assist the user in adopting healthier habits for a Healthier Gaming Lifestyle or other health achievements. Please, apply these well-known principles in a safe manner. The reader bears all responsibility for using or applying any techniques or ideas outlined in the website. Consult with your physician before starting any health or exercise programs.