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Oxygen - Breathing Techniques

Taking a Breath When it comes to improving your overall health and reducing the stress experienced when gaming, many players do not realize that paying a little extra attention to their breathing rate could go a long way. In recent years a growing body of evidence has begun to demonstrate that well-focused and paced breathing can reduce stress, promote overall long-term health, and improve performance in terms of concentration. In addition to this, the nature of gaming means that those who dedicate their spare time to their favorite game need to pay more attention than others to how they breathe. Fortunately, it is possible to improve your breathing and therefore your overall health by dedicating just a few minutes a day to deep breathing practices.

Gamer Health

As any devoted player will know, the art of gaming can often become quite stressful. With stress comes several short and long-term side-effects. For example, in the short-term you can easily develop conditions such as hypertension, aka high blood pressure. In the long-term, such conditions can lead to you developing other forms of heart disease. Fortunately, recent research has demonstrated that people who choose to spend at least five to ten minutes a day practicing deep breathing techniques can regulate their blood pressure. As a gamer, you will spend the majority of your day engaging in shallow breathing techniques. This means that your heart has to spend more time pumping hard to compensate for the lack of oxygen you take in with your short breaths. While it is not possible to consciously engage in deep breathing throughout all your waking hours, taking a few moments on a daily basis can help you give your heart a rest, and it can also lead to naturally slower breathing practices. In the short-term, this means that you will have lower blood pressure. In the long-term, you are less likely to experience adverse coronary events like angina or a heart attack.

When it comes to reducing stress, the benefits you will experience will extend far beyond your heart. As a gamer you need your mental health to be in check too, and by using breathing techniques to reduce your stress levels you can achieve that. Next time you find yourself feeling angry because of gaming challenges, take a minute or two to breathe in deeply. By doing this, you are more likely to adopt a happy frame of mind. In turn, this happy frame of mind will enhance your ability to concentrate, which will place you at the top of your game.

Gamer Rage

As a gamer you will be familiar with the fact that mild stress can often turn to gamer rage. Whether it comes as a result of other platform players, or your own performance, gamer rage can leave you unhappy and unable to play. Fortunately, it is possible to both solve and prevent gamer rage through the use of focused breathing techniques. Since the early 12th century, both men and women in the Middle East have practiced Hatha yoga. Their main motivation for doing this was to improve their ability to deal with life's major stresses, as well as adopting ways to deal with stress as it approaches. To see the benefits of Hatha yoga, you do not need to become a full devotee. Each time you experience stress as a result of a game you are playing, you should breathe in for seven seconds, and exhale for the same period of time. By doing this, your stress levels will lower, and in future you will be less likely to experience gamer rage.

Vitality Breath

If you would like to place yourself on the right track when it comes to improving your breathing, gaming techniques, and overall health, you should consider the "Vitality Breath". With this breath you can improve the functioning of your lymphatic system. As the system that supports your immunological defenses, the lymphatic system undergoes a lot of stress.

Vitality Breath:

  • Breath In for a ratio of 1
  • Hold your Breath for a ratio of 4
  • Breath out for a ratio of 2
  • Repeat the above steps 5 times, daily

As an example, if you breathe in for 5 seconds, you would hold your breath for 20 seconds and then breathe out for 10 seconds. Make sure you are relaxed during this and as you improve, increase the amount of time from 5 seconds.

Make sure you always breathe at a pace you are comfortable with, if you are straining to hold your breath, then reduce the number of seconds.

This is something that can easily be done wherever you are, and it takes no time at all to do. For the best gaming experience do this prior to Gaming sessions and also once during gaming breaks.

By taking a few minutes out of your daily routine, you can seriously enhance your health as well as your gaming techniques. Well-focused breathing is not just needed for great cardiovascular, mental, and lymphatic health; it can help with many areas of your body. As scientists have recently discovered that better breathing leads to less waste and therefore healthier kidneys, it is clear that the benefits of deep breathing and other techniques cannot be understated. To see your health improve drastically, get stuck in to conscious breathing techniques today.

Benefits for Gamers

Reduced Gamer Rage, Gaming Focus
Deep breathing techniques can assist Gamers with reducing Gamer Rage and stress levels, allowing the Gamer to focus more on the game.

Vitality Habits

BreakFast: Fruit Only


Fruit Only (Breakfast till Midday)

Healthy Gamer Snacks: Fruit and Nuts

Gamer Snacks

Fruit, Nuts and other healthy options

Lunch/Dinner: Salad or Vegetables


Vegetables and Salad to make up 75% of your meal.



Fat Burning Jog, be active.

Drink Water

Drink Healthy

Water and Fresh Juice

Gamer Posture


Good Gaming Posture.
Yoga, Pilates or a Core Strengthening exercise.



Conscious breathing technique assists with your bodies health.

Eye Sight

Eye Sight

Take care of your Eye Sight.

Healthy Hearing


Take care of your Hearing.



The brain is the control centre of your whole body, "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body".

Vitality Challenge

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