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Key Habits to Weight Loss

Weight Loss is only good when it is healthy and is sustainable long-term. The creation of beneficial habits is key to a healthy lifestyle and key to creating sustainable weight loss.

Following these key habits for optimal weight loss:

  1. Fat Burning Jog (Exercise)

    Show the world you are alive by moving that body. Jogging or walking are great for general fitness and assisting with weight loss. The most important thing is taking action, as you will not lose weight by talking about it.

    The "Fat Burning Jog" is a great way to increase your endurance and lose weight. The aim is not to jog until you drop; it is to increase your heart rate to an optimal fat burning rate for at least 30 minutes, at least 4 times a week. This jog is just faster than a brisk walk, you will need good jogging shoes and a heart monitor that can be purchase at most sports stores. There are numerous ways to calculate the optimal heart rate; the following is just one of them. Read More...

  2. Good Nutrition

    Different body types and cultures eat differently, but as a rule of thumb the body needs nutrition from a variety of sources such as fruit, vegetables, seeds and beans.

    Eat Fresh
    Remember the closer these foods are to living, the more life you will have. This means stay away from processed foods and Eat Fresh! Eating fresh will also reduce your carbon footprint.

    Reduce Meat Consumption
    Reduce the amount of meat you consume so that your meals are 75% Vegetables and Salad, for a healthy meal. Consume the Salad first to help with better digestion and do not rush, as you may end up over eating.

    Eat Fruit
    Fruit gives your body the much needed vitamins, fluids, fibre and antioxidants it needs for the day. Having fruit in the morning will make you feel lighter; they are also great for snacks. Read More...

  3. Drink Water

    Water is one of the key ingredients your body needs to lose weight and keep it off. A decrease in water intake will increase fat deposits, so ensure your eating habits include water rich foods and healthy water consumption.

    Drinking soft drinks (pop/soda) should be stopped altogether, the amount of sugar contained in these drinks are not good for you. In addition, stop or reduce the amount of coffee and beer you consume.

    Thirst can also mimic hunger; therefore drink a glass of water prior to eating if you feel hungry. Read More...

  4. Sleep

    Your body needs to rest, even though you might not want to. Sleep researchers have found that a lack of sleep impacts your health, safety, and longevity. So, ensure you receive 7 to 9 hours of sleep each day.

    The "Sleep Medicine Program" at the New York University School of Medicine in New York City has found that when you donít get enough sleep, there is a chance you will not feel as satisfied after you eat. Also, lack of sleep can stimulate your appetite, meaning you want to eat more. This combination means you will have a high chance of over eating when you have lack of sleep.

    The key to creating healthy habits is taking action, although do not try doing everything at once, else you will end up doing nothing. Choose 1 or 2 habits and work on them first then move onto the others, and continually set measurable goals for yourself to achieve.

Vitality Challenge

Challenge yourself to a better Gaming Life!

Vitality Habits

BreakFast: Fruit Only


Fruit Only (Breakfast till Midday)

Healthy Gamer Snacks: Fruit and Nuts

Gamer Snacks

Fruit, Nuts and other healthy options

Lunch/Dinner: Salad or Vegetables


Vegetables and Salad to make up 75% of your meal.



Fat Burning Jog, be active.

Drink Water

Drink Healthy

Water and Fresh Juice

Gamer Posture


Good Gaming Posture.
Yoga, Pilates or a Core Strengthening exercise.



Conscious breathing technique assists with your bodies health.

Eye Sight

Eye Sight

Take care of your Eye Sight.

Healthy Hearing


Take care of your Hearing.



The brain is the control centre of your whole body, "Healthy Mind, Healthy Body".

Vitality Challenge

The information and advice presented on the website are meant as a guide to assist the user in adopting healthier habits for a Healthier Gaming Lifestyle or other health achievements. Please, apply these well-known principles in a safe manner. The reader bears all responsibility for using or applying any techniques or ideas outlined in the website. Consult with your physician before starting any health or exercise programs.